Sebastian Serrano is a 29 year old tennis player from Cartagena, Colombia. He graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2008, and played Futures and Challengers for 5 years, reaching a career high of #720 in Singles and #482 in the ATP Rankings. He's won three Futures Doubles Titles in his career. Because of injuries and lack of finances, he quit his playing career and moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he taught tennis at a country club for two years. He said he became bored and depressed while teaching, so with the support of his wife and a newfound belief in God he has started his professional career again and is almost a year into it! He plays with new meaning now, and has a lot to say to any younger players that will listen!

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Show Highlights:
15:15- How to fund a professional career
27:45- Why should we have "real jobs"
33:45- A message to his younger self
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