What Do You Get?

I’m a Professional Tennis Player, and my guests are other young people trying to make their dreams happen. Follow along to hear what our lives are really like!

Mike "Popezilla" Pope is an MMA fighter, and current CFFC Lightweight Champion of the World! I met Mike while he was working at GNC in Jacksonville, Florida before he became the CFFC Champion. I couldn't believe he was funding his career by working at GNC and teaching MMA/Jiu Jitsu classes so I asked him to do a podcast and tell me his story. A few weeks after he won the biggest fight of his career we met up, got a coffee, and did this episode. Mike has an unbelievable story, and is on his way to being a regular MMA fighter, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

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Sebastian Serrano is a 29 year old tennis player from Cartagena, Colombia. He graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2008, and played Futures and Challengers for 5 years, reaching a career high of #720 in Singles and #482 in the ATP Rankings. He's won three Futures Doubles Titles in his career. Because of injuries and lack of finances, he quit his playing career and moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he taught tennis at a country club for two years. He said he became bored and depressed while teaching, so with the support of his wife and a newfound belief in God he has started his professional career again and is almost a year into it! He plays with new meaning now, and has a lot to say to any younger players that will listen!

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Show Highlights:
15:15- How to fund a professional career
27:45- Why should we have "real jobs"
33:45- A message to his younger self

Chris Hanson graduated Cum Laude from Dartmouth in 2013 with a Psychology Degree. At Dartmouth he was a 3-Time First Team All-American and a 4-Time First Team All-Ivy, I wish the list stopped there. But as a professional he's won 3 PSA World Tour Titles and right now sits at a career high world ranking of #66!

Chris and I are the same age and have a lot in common because we both play individual sports, it was great to know someone else feels the same way about life trying to make it as a professional athlete! A big shout out to Chris for doing this episode with me, as well as to our mutual clothing sponsor, Boast!

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Show Highlights
11:00- Finally a breakthrough moment
14:00- Separating results on court from happiness off it
20:00- The dreadful question of how long to pursue a pro career
28:00- What's next?

Robbie Mudge is a professional tennis player from Winston Salem, NC. He played four years for North Carolina State University where he finished at the top of the record lists for match wins in Singles and Doubles. Just now completing his first year on Tour he's won Two Futures Doubles Titles, and reached career high rankings of #650 in Doubles and #1338 in Singles. Robbie is one of the funniest guys I've traveled with so far; you'll get to know him a bit through our conversation, but it really doesn't do him justice! Robbie, best of luck brother!

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Clay Thompson has a creative writing degree from UCLA, where he was the #1 singles player in the country his senior year and an ITA All-American. Since graduation, he's climbed up the ATP rankings, reaching a career high #408 in Singles and winning one Futures Singles title in Mexico. Clay and I talk about the biggest regret of his career so far, how he feels about being known for his on-court antics, and his goals and reasons for playing professional tennis. Clay is an intense, earnest guy and it was a blast getting to talk while we were in Egypt. Click here and here to see why people love watching him play!

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Show Highlights:
19:00- The turning point in his career
24:00- How Clay is " open and honest" on court
49:00- Clay's mindset as a professional
55:00- What Does Clay Get?

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