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I’m a Professional Tennis Player, and my guests are other young people trying to make their dreams happen. Follow along to hear what our lives are really like!

Rich Gannon was an NFL Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins, and Oakland Raiders. He fought for playing time for most of his career, after being drafted out of the University of Delaware, until he went to the Raiders and was handed the keys to the kingdom by Al Davis. He led the Raiders to Superbowl XXXVII, and also was a 2 Time Pro Bowl MVP, 4 Time Pro Bowl Selection, 3 Time AFC Player of the Year, and held more passing records than I could fit in this bio! I loved getting to pick the brain of such a successful guy, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do!

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Episode 30 is a mashup of my interviews with Husker Basketball players Tai Webster and Leslee Smith. I talked to both of them about their experiences with racism in international and Division 1 Men's Basketball, as well as the hyper-masculine attitude so many athletes are expected to have. Why do we all pretend losing is not an option? Why do we all claim to be the best? Does success in sports require one to wear that mask? Reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram to keep the conversation going!

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Welcome to Part 2 of my podcast with Montreal Allouettes Linebacker, Desmond Cooper! On this episode we both talk about our mindset, how his has changed from his time with the Jaguars where he says he got complacent and just happy to be there; and how mine has changed from last year where I tried to make tennis like any other job. This year we're both taking it more personally and going all in to make our athletic careers happen on our terms! 

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Last time Dez was on the show, he was an undrafted Free Agent trying to make the Jacksonville Jaguars as a Safety out of UNC Charlotte. A year and change later, after countless tryouts for NFL and CFL scouts, and even a stint in NASCAR, Dez has just signed a 2 year contract with the Montreal Allouettes! He's heading up North in April, but hard at work training to make sure this time he sticks around the team. This is a huge opportunity for Dez, and he feels like it could be the last chance he'll get. Hope you enjoy Part 1 of my interview with Dez, and please reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep the conversation going!

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Mitchell Quilleon Brown aka Kid Quill is a 22 year old rapper from Indiana who just graduated from DePauw University and has already charted Billboard. His most recent album, "The Name Above The Title", reached the Top 10 in iTunes for Hip Hop/Rap and he's about to start his first nationwide Tour tomorrow! Mitch and I talk about how a viral YouTube video got him started, self-fulfillment and passion keep him going, and even how many girls from his High School try to hit him up now that he's a rapper. I first heard Kid Quill while I was playing a Tournament in Ecuador, and his music just helped me stay in a good mood on the road; his lyrics are something I can really relate to. I was pumped to get to talk to him, I'm sure there are big things ahead for him; reach out to either of us by clicking the link below to keep the conversation going!


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