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I’m a Professional Tennis Player, and my guests are other young people trying to make their dreams happen. Follow along to hear what our lives are really like!

Anderson is a former FSU standout, who has made huge jumps in the professional rankings, getting up to #370 in ATP Doubles. I met him for the first time playing Futures in Egypt, and we've been boys ever since. He's won 6 Futures Doubles Titles, and was just starting to play more Challengers when his back gave out in the middle of a Doubles Final in Dubai, and he's been sidelined ever since. He just underwent PRP after 6 months of back pain, and hopefully he'll be back on court competing by the end of this year. Anderson has an interesting point of view on playing big time college tennis, as well as how he goes about trying to get to the Grand Slams and turn himself into the best player he can be.

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Episode 37 is all about Amer Delic's experiences as one of the world's best tennis players. He topped out at #60 in Singles and #74 in ATP Doubles. Amer played, and won, some amazing matches against the Bryan Brothers at Wimbledon, Djokovic at the Australian, and too many others to even write down. We talk about how he trained to be able to last through 5 setters, how mental coaches helped him reset his game in tough times, and how certain tennis coaches helped shape him as a player and person.

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Amer Delic grew up playing tennis in Bosnia, but when he and his family emigrated to the United States and landed in Jacksonville, Florida his game took off. He brought two rackets with him and started hitting with anyone he could find in the Jacksonville area, building himself into a world class player. He was a 3-Time All American, and NCAA Singles Champion while playing under Craig Tiley at the University of Illinois. As a professional, he was ranked as highly as #60 in ATP Singles, and #74 in ATP Doubles, collecting 3 Challenger Doubles Titles, 2 Futures Singles Titles, and 6 Challenger Singles Titles. Here are some highlights, against Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open, and against Ivan Ljubicic.

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Scoville Jenkins was a top American tennis hope from Atlanta, Georgia who got ranked as highly as #6 in the World as a Junior and #187 as an ATP Professional in Singles. He played all the Slams, including playing Federer, Nadal, and Roddick at the US Open. He had an outstanding career, but was sidelined by some arm injuries, and after making a comeback a couple different times, he decided he no longer had the heart to keep going. Scoville and I talk openly about what it takes to play at the highest level, if he felt any pressure being an African-American player, and how he creates his own happiness now as the Assistant Men's Tennis Coach at the University of Wisconsin.

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Sitting down with Colin Dibley was an absolute pleasure. It’s fun to hear somebody so in love with the game, who played it at such a high level and in such a golden era of players. I got to ask him what he thinks of talent versus smarts at the top of the game, his days of playing Jose Higueras and Ille Nastase, and how he thinks sports should be played, and the true definition of a competitor.

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